When does it start?

DevDay starts at 0830hrs, however the venue will be open from 0800hrs to allow you to ‘make yourself at home’! DevDay will finish no later than 1630hrs.

Will I get fed?

A hot lunch will be provided in the Refectory, please contact me by 07/01/11 if you have any weird dietary requirements. Hot and cold refreshments will be available throughout the day and the dress will be whatever you feel comfortable in!

Where do I need to be?

Dead Simple. The Blue Room in B202. It might not have the splendour of Carden Park, but it’s cheap!!!

What will we be covering during DevDay?

In the true spirit of a Team Development Day, it would be great if you let me know what content/subjects you would like to see covered, by clicking the link below.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your good self!

What format will DevDay take?

For those of you who know my facilitation style it will come as no surprise to you that the vast majority of the learning content will be generated by…. yourselves!

And finally…..

I would be interested in hearing whether or not you consider this online, interactive type of Joining Instruction could be of benefit to you in the work that you do i.e.

… perhaps you could poll delegates prior to a science workshop…?

… maybe a video could act as some pre-visit preparation..?

If you would like to trial this approach then please contact me and we can start looking into it

See you on the 13th January 2011


4 Responses to

  1. Geoff says:

    I’ll be there, with the cakes as its my Burfday!!!


  2. Craig Taylor says:

    Many would say that it was a tactical re-scheduling to get come cakes out of you…

    ..but it wasn’t..

    … it was my inability to sync my Google calendar and my Outlook calendar!


  3. sam pennington says:

    im there! and i believe i could be the first 1 to respond with my suggestions on what i would like to see or learn about on the day! ooh get me 🙂


    • Craig Taylor says:

      You certainly were Sam – cheers.
      Hi Sam,

      The suggestion of the intro to the intranet, whilst a good idea I’m not sure is really needed. Given that each department has at least 1 author (and often more) would they really come a-knocking for somebody to do simple edits. There is also the issue as to whether you have the time???? – I’ve seen your ‘To-do’ list remember 😉

      My experience is that most authors can do the ‘simple things’, but it is the more complex editing tasks, that stump them (usually because the intranet system simply doesn’t do it, as opposed to a lack of skill on their part).

      Of course, if you really want to acquire the skillset (and have the time) I can do something on a 1:1 basis, or perhaps even better create some screencasts, so that you have a permanent resource.

      Let me know how you want to progress…


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