Here’s a bit about me…

I’m 36 years of age and live in Cheshire with my gorgeous wife and little boy and girl,

I served 16 years in the Army (1990-2006) with most of that time being spent in a training role. I left in 2006 and worked as a Training Consultant within the Rail Industry delivering Safety Critical Voice Communications training for approximately 14 months.

Since October 2009 I have worked as a Learning &Development Adviser within the Nuclear Industry, during which time I attended the Learning Technologies conference in January 2010.

It was this experience that forced me to question my use (or lack of) of current and emerging technologies for learning activities as well as that of my organisation.

My return to work saw me a ‘changed man’ and renewed my interest in L&D, that had until that point been very traditional. This renewed passion and insight has led to my organisation creating a Learning Technologist post that I will be occupying over the coming weeks.

I imagine that this will be a challenging role given a number of factors that could be considered ‘innovation blockers’, however I am hoping that “You, Dear Reader“, will be able to assist me by posting comments on this Blog, following @craigtaylor74 on Twitter in relation as to how I might be able to develop within this new role.




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