Joining Instructions for the elearning storyboarding event



When does it start?

The learning event starts at 0830hrs, however the venue will be open from 0800hrs to allow you to ‘make yourself at home’! The event will formally finish at 1230hrs, however Julie will be available for the rest of the afternoon should you wish to spend the time working on your storyboard and ‘picking her brains‘.

Will I get fed?

A buffet lunch will be provided, please contact Craig Taylor by 13/01/11 if you have any special dietary requirements. Hot and cold refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Where do I need to be?

The event will take place in the Blue Room in B202 .

What will we be covering during the event?

The event initially will focus upon a ‘fictitious’ piece of elearning and then upon the subjects that you have started to develop in your Action Maps and will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Discover the history of the storyboard
  • Build a basic storyboard
  • Develop a detailed storyboard

Many of you will be understandably chomping at the bit to get stuck into storyboarding your own subjects, however it is critical that you go through the ‘fictitious’ module first, as it will allow the facilitator to ensure that everybody is hitting the appropriate milestones appropriately.

Please inform Learning & Development if you have any special requests prior to attending this session, for example reasonable arrangements to accommodate a disability.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you attended previous Action Mapping sessions with Craig Taylor, then you are to bring your Action Map with you. For those of you who would like a reminder as to the Action Mapping process or have been unable to attend, then here is a SlideShare presentation on the subject. If you have not attended any Action Mapping events, then you are still able to attend, however you will be unable to progress much further than the fictitious piece of elearning (however every effort will be made to accommodate additional Action Mapping sessions prior to 17/01/11, should you request one from Craig Taylor)

Do I need to do anything in advance of the event?

Prior to the event there are 3 small pieces of preparatory work to carry out.

  • You should view this page from Julie’s website on the subject of storyboarding.
  • Review your Action Map and/or (if you never attended the session) review the SlideShare presentation shown above.
  • Review the output from the Action Mapping session.
  • And if you are on Twitter, then follow the ID (Instructional Design) ideas hashtag #IDideas

And finally…..

If you facilitate any face-to-face learning events then why not consider whether your events could benefit from this type of Joining Instruction.

Maybe you could prick their interest in your subject by using a video as an intro…?

… perhaps you could poll delegates before they arrive at your event…?

… maybe a podcast could act as some pre-event preparation..?

If you would like to trial this approach then please contact me and we can start looking into it

See you on the 17th January 2011


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