I will no longer be Blogging…

… from this blog address!!! (go on admit it, I had you going didn’t I?)

I have decided to move my Blog to a self-hosted site, this decision was reached as a result of some research I have been doing for my Organisation that has involved me ‘tinkering’ around in a self-hosted WordPress and have discovering the wealth of plugins that are available.

Now admittedly I may be guilty of appearing like a child in a sweet shop

and I probably don’t need any of the plugins right at this moment in time, but I am conscious that as my blog grows in size and as my expectations of it may well change in the future it would be more difficult to export it’s content months or years down the line rather than at this present moment. And boy am I glad I did!

The problem you see, is not caused by the exporting (in fact this is really simple to do and incredibly quick) but by the fact that once your posts are imported any videos or audio are stripped down to the bare code so instead of a YouTube video appearing like this


It appears like this…


Not a good look in anybody’s book, the problem is the same for any audio clips I had embedded!!!

So for the last week or two my nights have been spent trawling through my newly imported blog posts ‘fixing’ them.

Some short-term pain for (hopefully) a longer term gain. If nothing else it’s been a good opportunity to read back through my old posts and reflect upon my journey to date….

For those of who can see pass the HTML code, here is my new blog (check out the address) site and I hope you will subscribe and continue to follow me ‘over there’


About Craig Taylor

Disclaimer: The contents of this Blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer nor any other organisation with which I am or have been associated with.
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