European Health & Saf..Zzzzzzzzzzzz

….Don’t fall asleep on me; for a change this is going to be something H&S related that was fun, engaging and memorable. (you heard it here first folks)

My organisation is understandably H&S focussed and always strives to support initiatives such as the recent European Health & Safety week, despite maintaining a keen focus on H&S, regardless of any external initiative. However this year my boss suggested to our Compliance Department that perhaps we should do something ‘different’, alongside the more traditional email/intranet/poster etc campaigns in relation to the importance of maintaining equipment.

This is what he came up with…

Whilst the video clip doesn’t show it too well, each of the tricks had an underlying safety related theme such as:

  • Not undertaking tasks you aren’t trained to do (a cash in an envelope trick)
  • Checking equipment thoroughly (using a piece of PPE that went from being serviceable to unserviceable… whilst an audience member was wearing it! along with the guillotine trick that you can see in this clip)
  • Following instructions clearly (a simple hand grasping trick, which didn’t provide the desired (safe) outcome)

The feedback from the multiple shows that took place around site (to fit in with working patterns/geography) was very positive with comments such as

refreshing” “memorable” “fun

being in great abundance with the most obvious sign of approval being that people were arriving ahead of the performance times and were even phoning us to ask why the magician hadn’t been yet….. can you honestly say that your learners have ever had that response to a Health & Safety event?

This whole approach fits in with a ‘one liner’ that @larshyland mentioned at the last eLN event “think campaign, not course

Think about it..

Many thanks to Constantia Artiste Management for allowing this footage to be used in this blog.


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