Podcast #2 – A quick lunchtime post…

.. I’m currently sat in Gloucestershire College attending @jamesclay’s Podcasting Workshop.

I’ll blog about the workshop in greater detail shortly, however James has set us a task over lunch of creating a podcast, so without further ado….


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3 Responses to Podcast #2 – A quick lunchtime post…

  1. Nice intro Craig.

    What did you use for doing the recording and then the editing? It was really clear.



  2. Craig Taylor says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I used a Samson GoMic to record the audio and then ran it through Audacity to edit. The music is from http://www.jamendo.com/en/ and (funnily enough) is entitled ‘podcast’!

    I was recording in a room full of other people who were also recording their podcasts, so I hope to be able to raise the quality even higher when recording under better conditions.



  3. Hi Craig,

    Jamendo’s a new one on me. I’ll check it out. Having the people talking in the background wasn’t distracting at all. It was like watching the news when there’s a picture of the newsroom in operation behind the presenter.



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