Homework time… CWCCM Task 1.3

As part of the Certificate in Web Content Creation & Management (CWCCM) programme I am undertaking I have been asked to gather information about the Internet or intranet website on which I am working/intend to work.  The following questions have been posed…

  1. What is the site?

This Blog is one of the 2 sites that I am planning to apply my newly found knowledge from the CWCCM programme to. The other is my organisations intranet site.

2. Who will be responsible for creating content for the site?

As this is my personal Blog I am solely responsible for the content, however in terms of the intranet site, there are a number of departmental authors who are responsible for creating content. I am responsible for the initial and continual development of those authors, so I hope to cascade the learnings from this programme onto them.

3.  How will the content be created?

Some of the content on my Blog will be created by others and embedded into my site such as YouTube videos and Slideshares, however some it will be self-created such as videos, images and podcasts. The intranet site will consist mostly of ‘in-house’ media but is unlikely to be anything more complex than some photos. This is likely to be for 2 reasons;

  • The skillset of the authors
  • The poor functionality of the platform itself.

4.  How will the content be stored?

Some of my Blog content will be hosted by the wordpress.com service whilst some of it will be stored on another platform and embedded into the Blog (i.e. YouTube & Slideshare). The intranet sites content will all be hosted on our own servers behind our firewall.

5.  Where and how will the website be hosted?

My Blog is hosted by the wordpress.com site, however I have been considering moving that to a self-hosted wordpress service due to additional plug-ins and functionality that it can offer. Due to the nature of my Industry our intranet site is hosted on internal servers behind a very powerful firewall.


About Craig Taylor

Disclaimer: The contents of this Blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer nor any other organisation with which I am or have been associated with.
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