Craig’s Thoughts on Learning Podcast #1 – Action Mapping

In this, my first podcast, I am joined by a small number of my organisations elearning authors, Steven Mahay, Geoff Owens, Andrew Pilkington & Chris Hyndman to discuss an Action Mapping session that I had just facilitated. The purpose of the conversation was to further promote the thinking that elearning is not just the traditional ‘click-next’ type of elearning that many of us are used to and that podcasting is a relatively simple (and far quicker way of producing a learning resource) whilst also providing a period of reflection for the attendees themselves. The podcast was also a great learning curve for me as I had failed to set my Samson GoMic as the default recording device so I was reliant on the internal laptop speaker, hence the poor quality…. but I’ve learned my lesson and hope that you will join me in my next podcast in which I will have resolved my ‘teething problems’


James Clay’s elearningstuff blog

Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping blog post


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4 Responses to Craig’s Thoughts on Learning Podcast #1 – Action Mapping

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  2. Dan Roddy says:

    Man, that’s one cute little mic. What’s the pick-up shape like with that? I have the Samson C01U which is brilliant, but because it’s directional I find it hard to use for doing interviews as one person sounds crystal clear and the other party sounds like they are in the next room.


    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply (it’s reassuring that somebody in the Blogosphere is reading my…. ramblings!)

      To be honest I’ve only just started using the mic in anger, despite having it for about 6 months. I bought it after reading Tom Kuhlmann’s reccomendation on his blog. I suspect that the pick up range will be very good as some of the YouTube demo videos I have viewed have been very impressive. I’ll fire the user manual across to you later today so you can have a look at some of the ‘techier’ detail.


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