Folks, allow me to introduce you to…

… Action Mapping…

…Was how I kicked off a CPD session yesterday afternoon for a small number of our internal elearning authors.

One of the attendees had already undertaken training on our rapid elearning tool, however the remainder had not yet received any training so I took the opportunity to stress to them that elearning was a broad, deep subject and that they should not just think of it as sitting in front of a PC, undertaking self paced elearning but should also take into consideration:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Info-screens
  • Screencasts
  • Our intranet
  • (amongst others)

As way of proving the simplicity of using video, I asked them to participate in a simple ice-breaker exercise by videoing each other on a Flip camera answering the question

“why have I come to this session”

I then created a short video and uploaded it to YouTube, again to show the speed & simplicity of using this type of tech. Here is their video (quirky camera angle and all!)


I then went on to use one of our new Interactive White Boards (IWB) to facilitate Cathy Moores Action Mapping process. For 1/2 of the attendees this was the first time they had used an IWB (2 birds with 1 stone!). Within the first few slides I presented them with the 2 x Wordle outputs from @StephanieDedhars session at the recent eLN event. You can read more about Stephanies session and use of Wordle in her blog.

Here is the group exercise that they undertook on the IWB

I then provided them with 30 minutes or so to undertake an individual desktop Action Mapping exercise in relation to their anticipated piece of elearning. This work was interspersed with some brief ‘sanity checks’ in order to peer review each other progress.

To finish off with, we all participated in a podcast (my first podcast may I add) which centred around discussing the session we had just participated in. The podcast can be listened to here.

The next step in this process will be to undertake the training on the system itself, swiftly followed by a session on storyboarding which will be facilitated by Julie Wedgwood… stay tuned…


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4 Responses to Folks, allow me to introduce you to…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow Craig, is there anything you didn’t cover in your session?! Sounds like you’re doing some great development work with your e-learning team. I’m looking forward to hearing about the storyboarding session with Julie Wedgwood too.


  2. Craig Taylor says:

    Hi Steph,

    We certainly used a lot of methodologies during the 3hr session, but as none of it was used ‘for the sake’ of it, it just seemed to work.

    One of the pieces of developmental feedback I received was to provide the attendees with some ‘non traditional’ examples of elearning, prior to asking them to undertake the desktop Action Mapping.

    I will probably show them a:

    Blog entry

    in the hope of showing them that there is more to elearning than ‘clicking next’


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