Bringing elearning back ‘in’house

During the early part of 2009 my organisation made the decision to bring its ‘self-paced’ elearning back ‘in house’ after a number of years of outsourcing.

The interview below was conducted earlier this month to celebrate 12 months of the system being ‘live’.

The interview was then broadcast over the info-screen system that we have around our site in order to celebrate the efforts of everybody involved, to maintain the profile of elearning and to provide a glimpse of what the future may have in store for us…

During the interview I mention some research that I have done into the use of Learning Technologies within schools, HE & FE, a real eye-opener for me was when I attended @jamesclays Mobile Learning Bootcamp.

It is my intention to give a little more detail over some of the modules we have created in forthcoming blog posts.

Keep your eyes peeled….


About Craig Taylor

Disclaimer: The contents of this Blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer nor any other organisation with which I am or have been associated with.
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4 Responses to Bringing elearning back ‘in’house

  1. Allan says:

    Great presentation Craig. Very interesting to hear what you have achieved in the 12 month period.


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