Now I wasn’t expecting that!!

Many of you will know that I didn’t really take my first formal foray into Learning Technologies until 10 months ago at the Learning Technologies conference. Since then I have taken what I consider to be an active role in pursuing current and emerging technologies and using them as part of my own Personal Learning Network to (if I may say so myself) some success.

Over the past 10 months I have become an active Twitter user which has led me to connect with some wonderful people, allowed me to attend some great workshops and has allowed me to work with some great organisations. I have created my own Blog and am truly benefiting from the reflection that this provides me, I have set up my own Delicious, Flickr, Slideshare and YouTube accounts. I have also started to introduce the concept of Social Media and Learning Technologies to my organisation. But I had never for a moment, not one moment expected that my lowly activities would warrant anybodys attention.

How wrong I was…

.. During the summer I was speaking with the wonderful @juliewedgwood who suggested that the story of my ‘first 12 months with Learning Technologies’ might be a story that others would be interested in, that might convince others that you don’t have to have lengthy experience in this field to implement these tools and start to benefit from them and suggested that I speak to @DonaldHTaylor on the subject.

And so it came to pass that 2 emails, 1 face-to-face meeting and a phone call later and I am really chuffed (and proud) to announce that I have been asked to speak at the Learning Technologies Conference 2011 on the subject of ‘Getting started with learning technologies

If you’d like to find out how a real novice has gone about using these technologies then why  not register to attend the Learning Technologies Conference 2011?

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3 Responses to Now I wasn’t expecting that!!

  1. Well done Craig. You deserve the recognition!


  2. Craig Taylor says:

    Cheers Mark, your comment is greatly appreciated.

    Now I need to get my skates on and produce something memorable and lively (I’ve got the mid-afternoon slot on Day 2!!!


  3. Hi Craig. Sounds like a great session – I don’t think I’ll be attending the conference unfortunately but hopefully a summary and/or your slides will be available afterwards, so I look forward to finding out more about your learning technologies journey!


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