QR codes? sounds like something out of a Bond film!

I’ve been aware of QR codes for some time now after reading one of many blog posts on the subject from @jamesclay, but I had never really seen the benefits to them for learners in my organisation (or maybe that should read that I had never applied myself to researching the benefits!)

Blog posts from @jamesclay and @hopkinsdavid have provided me with some great ideas as to how QR codes could benefit learners. Admittedly I may be held back a little due to certain restrictions on the use/carriage of mobile phones on my site, with the primary phone being a very attractive brick


However, for those people who do own Smart phones we have started to use QR codes in our Learning Centre and here is a short video to prove it…

Are you already using them, if so let me know how?

If you are planning to, then why not share your ideas with us all?

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