Will an ‘in-house’ un-conference work???

Had a little thought whilst driving home tonight..

Part of my role involves facilitating the Continuing Professional Development of a number of internal Learning Facilitators. I normally do this by facilitating some lunchtime-learning sessions, which to be quite honest receive a very poor response in relation to the number of facilitators we have on-site (part of this is due to operating a shift-pattern).

I’ve attended quite a few conferences and workshops this year and have gained a great deal from them, so I have hatched a cunning plan…

  • Book an offsite facility for a day with Wi-Fi access.
  • Invite all Learning Facilitators to attend.
  • Set up a Google Moderator series to allow attendees to choose some of the content for themselves.
  • Invite all delegates to facilitate their own sessions (depending on the number of submissions these could be voted upon)
  • Offer up a Flip Ultra camera (or something similar) in a prize draw to all attendees.
  • Encourage delegates to set up a Twitter account prior to the un-conference and provide the support for them in doing this.
  • Utilise Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools during the un-conference.

So that’s my plan to date

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated


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2 Responses to Will an ‘in-house’ un-conference work???

  1. Greg Mossop says:

    Do I get a prize for correctly recognising the QR Code in your email and decoding it??


  2. Craig Taylor says:

    Hi Greg,

    Well done on spotting the QR code and following the trail….

    You have indeed won a prize….. a 1st class seat on the un-conference mentioned above

    See you there 😉



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