WANTED: Blogging Discipline


I get the benefits of blogging…

I get that it enhances the learning experience by providing an environment in which to reflect…

I get that it provides others with an opportunity to learn from me, as I do on many occasions from them…

I get that it is a wonderful networking opportunity…

I get all of this and yet, despite the promises I made myself to blog on a fortnightly basis (as a minimum) I have failed to do this!

Is it down to a lack of time?

No! I spend a significant amount of time online, idly browsing my life away so I can’t use ‘lack of time’ as an excuse.

Is it down to being paranoid over my digital footprint?

No! I regularly Tweet, post vids to YouTube, send photos to Picassa & Flikr so I can’t huddle under that paranoid blanket.

Is it down to a lack of content?

Hmmm, probably not. I’m heavily involved in L&D on a daily basis, I work in a challenging environment, I’m starting to get more and more involved in Learning Technologies so I feel I’ve got a lot to Blog about (whether anybody wants to read it, is another matter!)

Is it down to a lack of personal discipline?

Probably! I just can’t get myself into a routine to push this content out. I’ve got the time, I’ve got the content, I’ve got the skillset so I’m turning to you

Dear Reader… if you are a regular blogger, how do you manage it, how do you discipline yourself to put fingers to keyboard and push your valuable content out?

Please leave any and all suggestions below and I hope you’ll shortly see an improvement in my Blogging activity.


About Craig Taylor

Disclaimer: The contents of this Blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer nor any other organisation with which I am or have been associated with.
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2 Responses to WANTED: Blogging Discipline

  1. Dan Roddy says:

    I can’t offer you the advice that you seek, but I can extend sympathy. I’m exactly the same. One problem I suffer from is that I feel there is a particular “type” of entry I should stick to, and if I vary from that I will “damage the purity” of the blog. A notional archetype reader prevents me from varying too much – lordy, I’m stopped from blogging more regularly by ghosts!

    It’s either that, or a fear of admitting to not knowing something in such a public way – so many blogs adopt the position that the author is in a position of authority that it can seem intimidating to be entering the same conceptual space with a half-finished idea. But this is clearly nonsense as Cammy’s early posts were very focused on her learning journey and Simon Bostock, bfchirpy, seems to have countless routes out for ideas he’s still cooking.

    A scan of my entry lists shows it is an ideas graveyard – I’ve started but not refined (and hence finished) about twice as many posts as I have actually published over the last two years, which is a waste of ideas and does me no service – not to mention possibly have denied someone something of value from one of the posts (hopefully there’s someone out there who occasionally finds what I write useful – once a year would be an acceptable conversion rate).


  2. Hi Craig,

    My blog has two main purposes:
    1) To act as a personal learning journal
    2) To act as a place where I put up ideas for criticism and comment

    I think, if I’d started out by saying that I must post at least once a week, then I’d never have got anywhere.

    I post when I have to… when there’s something buzzing around my head that needs to be written down to crystallise it. If other people want to read it, that’s great, but I write for me.

    I very rarely do drafts and redrafts. Which means my blog ends up being rough and ready, but it does mean that things get published. The posts that I do leave for another day to tidy up never get published, as the moment has gone.


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