From Anti-Social to Social, all in a day!

I was fortunate today to participate in one of Jane Harts Masterclasses entitled ‘The use of social media in Learning’, but before I get on to that I desperately need to ask the following question

“What part of ‘Quiet Coach’ don’t people understand on Virgin Trains”?

I spent the best part of 2 1/2 hours this morning sharing a train carriage with Wayne and Waynetta Slob and their kids from hell!!!

Alarm Bells started to sound in my head when Waynetta went to the buffet car at 0817hrs and returned with 2 x cans of lager for Wayne (are Virgin even allowed to sell alcohol at that time?) The kids language was more colourful than Josephs amazing technicolour dreamcoat and from somebody who spent 16 years in the Army, believe me, I’m not shocked easily… but from toddlers!!!!!

At about 0900hrs I reached critical mass following Waynetta threat to knock Waynes “fu###ng head off” so I slapped the table and asked them

“what part of ‘Quiet Coach’ don’t you understand”?

To which I received the following response

“why don’t you fu###ng shut up”

Considering that my challenge to them had been the first words I had spoken since I got on the train several hours earlier, the irony of her response was not lost on me

so from the anti-social… to the social…

The rest of the day was far more enjoyable as a result of participating in an interactive, on-line masterclass facilitated by Jane Hart. Discussion took place around the 5 various types of learning that takes place within organisations, Jane Harts website does an excellent job of expanding on this subject.

Throughout the day Jane posed a number of questions relating to our understanding and use of social learning platforms, not in the usual verbal manner of posing questions, but via Twitter. It was then over to us to tweet our responses either within small groups or as individuals. I will update this post with the Twitter transcript as and when it is available.

I found this to be a really clever facilitation method as it not only allowed us to delve into the subject of social media and informal learning but allowed us all to get some quality ‘Twitter time’ under our belts.

I used my new Flip Ultra camera throughout the day to capture feedback from some of the delegates, uploaded the video to You Tube and then tweeted it back out to the group – all within an hour!

All in all, what started out as a nightmare of a day, turned into an extremely positive experience brought about by a well facilitated event, insightful information and great participants.

UPDATE – Jon Ingham has blogged about the workshop here.


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2 Responses to From Anti-Social to Social, all in a day!

  1. Loved the post! I was with you on the train, even cringed a few times as I imagined Waynetta picking her nose and flicking it on the floor (urhh). The video comments are really good, it was interesting to see a mix of reactions to twitter. As someone who interacts regularly on different twitter chats and across multiple networks it was intriguing to hear how some of the larger companies, like BA, are beginning to see the potential that many of us know already exists. All the best, Paul.


    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Paul,

      Many thanks for your comment. I have only recently started blogging, so it was really encouraging to read response. I have to admit that my organisation may be even further behind BA in terms of its application of social media!



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