Informal Learning

Let me start off by saying that I do not consider myself an ‘academic’, I’m more than happy to dive into a book (fiction or non), but tend to stay away from L&D related books due to the authors assuming that everyone wants to wade through case-study after case-study (I don’t!).

My interest however, has been re-ignited after reading ‘Informal Learning’ by Jay Cross. This book succinctly put into context the spending/outcomes paradox that many organisations face (mine included) by presenting a simple 4-column bar graph showing that most organisations spend the majority of their money exactly where it is least effective. The use of simple analogies and wonderful diagrams really brought the subject of Informal Learning alive and has given me plenty of food for thought.


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One Response to Informal Learning

  1. jay says:

    Craig, I love you, man. Your check is in the mail.Just kidding. I'm glad you got something out of Informal Learning. Thanks for the kind words. jah


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